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Spontaneous hybridization among invasive Poaceae in Hawai‘i: Chloris × pseudosagrana nothosp. nov. and Cenchrus × peregrinus nothosp. nov.
Open Access
Erratum: INDIARA NUNES MESQUITA FERREIRA, DANIELLE DE OLIVEIRA DINIZ, FERNANDA GOMES FERREIRA & FÁBIO VENTUROLI (2024) A new species of Oxandra (Annonaceae) from the Brazilian Cerrado. Phytotaxa 636 (3): 246–251
Open Access
Campanula bergomensis (Campanulaceae), a new species from Bergamo Prealps (Northern Italy)
PDF(9.76MB) Supplementary file (DOCX)
Open Access
A new species of Ceiba (Malvaceae, Bombacoideae), previously confused with Ceiba speciosa
Open Access
Additions to Crassiparies and Neobrevicollum (Neohendersoniaceae, Pleosporales) associated with woody hosts in Southwest China
Open Access
Petalidium etendekaense (Acanthaceae), a new species from Namibia, with notes on the taxonomic identity of P. glutinosum
Open Access
Tuber itzcuinzapotl sp. nov. (Tuberaceae, Pezizomycetes), the first edible truffle reported from Mexico with traditional biocultural importance
Open Access
Contribution to the knowledge of Gongolaria barbata (Sargassaceae, Fucales) from the Mediterranean: insights into infraspecific diversity
PDF(3.24MB) Supplementary files (ZIP)
Open Access
Thelephora pacifica (Basidiomycota: Thelephorales), a new species of the tropical forests in the Mexican Pacific coast
Open Access
Mycena lamprocephala, a new luminescent species from the Brazilian Amazon
Open Access