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Type: Article
Published: 2024-02-15
Page range: 62-72
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Synopsis of Calea subgen. Teucriifoliae (Asteraceae: Neurolaeneae), a new subgenus endemic to the Cerrado

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul; Programa de Pós-graduação em Botânica; Laboratório de Sistemática Vascular; Prédio 43432; sala 107; Porto Alegre; RS; 91501-970; Brazil; Fundação Zoobotânica da Prefeitura de Belo Horizonte; Herbário BHZB; Belo Horizonte; MG 31365-450 Brazil
Escola Estadual Pindorama; R. Augusto de Moraes; Rondonópolis; MT; 78338-019; Brazil
Instituto Federal de Educação; Ciência e Tecnologia do Piauí; Avenida Joaquim Manoel; s/n; Novo Horizonte; Valença do Piauí; PI; 64300-000; Brazil
Universidade Federal de Goiás; Departamento de Botânica; Instituto de Ciências Biológicas; Campus Samambaia; Av. Esperança; s/n; Vila Itatiaia; Goiânia; GO; 74690-900; Brazil
Universidade Federal de Uberlândia; Departamento de Biologia; Rua Ceará; 1084; Umuarama; Uberlândia; MG; 38405-240; Brazil
Botanical Research Institute of Texas; 1700 University Dr; Fort Worth; TX 76107-3400; Fort Worth; United States of America; National Museum of Natural History; MRC 166; Smithsonian Institution; Washington; D.C.; 20013-7012; United States of America
Embrapa Clima Temperado; Rodovia BR 392; km 78; Caixa Postal 403; Pelotas; RS 96010-971; Brazil
Compositae Heliantheae s.l. Meyeria Neotropics Eudicots


Calea comprises 159 species characterized by striate phyllaries, pistillate ray florets, yellow corolla, and pappus elements as scales. The “Calea teucriifolia complex” is an informal group of 15 species. Molecular phylogenetic inference recognized the polyphyly of this group, but also supports the recognition of a monophyletic subgenus when considering a more restrict set of species. Thus, the aim of this study is to morphologically circumscribe the group at subgeneric rank and provide an updated nomenclatural and taxonomic synopsis. As defined here, C. subgen. Teucriifoliae comprises eight species (C. ferruginea, C. hymenolepis, C. hypericifolia, C. microphylla, C. ramosissima, C. senecioides, C. teucriifolia and C. villosa). The new subgenus is endemic to the Cerrado tropical savanna and is characterized by cylindrical involucres, reddish phyllaries, and pappus scales shorter than 1 mm. Seven lectotypes are designated and data on type specimens is clarified including localities, dates of collection, and collector. In addition, we record new state level occurrences for four species and provide a key for species identification.



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