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Type: Correspondence
Published: 2024-02-07
Page range: 203-206
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The identity of Tanacetum urmiense (Anthemideae, Asteraceae) from northwestern Iran

Faculty of Agriculture; University of Kurdistan; Sanandaj; Iran; Department of Medicinal Plants; ACECR Institute of Higher Education; Kermanshah; Iran
HKS herbarium; Forests and Rangelands Research Department; Kurdistan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center; AREEO; P. O. Box 714; Sanandaj; Iran
Department of Medicinal Plants; ACECR Institute of Higher Education; Kermanshah; Iran
Eudicots Anthemideae Asteraceae Tanacetum urmiense Iran


Tanacetum urmiense Tabad, Maroofi & Rastegar (2022: 112) (Asteraceae) was established on the basis of three collections from Dalanpar Mountain, north-western Iran. The lack of mature achenes led the authors to mistakenly describe this species as a new Tanacetum. In the protologue, the authors stated that the new Tanacetum was related to T. hololeucum (Bornm.) Podlech (1986: 105) but differed in the following characters: plant height (5–12 cm vs. 10–18 cm); indumentum (glabrous or sparsely pubescent vs. densely appressed tomentose); basal leaves dimensions (35 × 12 mm vs. 15–80 × 10–25 mm); capitula diameter (10–20 × 20–30 mm vs. 8–10 × 6–7), and indumentum of the phyllaries (glabrous or sparsely pubescent vs. sparsely or densely hirsutulose).


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