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Type: Article
Published: 2023-11-15
Page range: 60-66
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Rohdea brachyanthera (Asparagaceae), a new species from Guangdong, southern China

College of Life Sciences; Zaozhuang University; Zaozhuang 277160; Shandong; China
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine; Guangzhou 510650; Guangdong; China
College of Forestry; Central South University of Forestry and Technology; Changsha; 410000; Hunan; China
Guangdong Nanling National Nature Reserve Administration; Shaoguan 512000; Guangdong; China
State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol and Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Plant Resources; School of Life Sciences; Sun Yatsen University; 510275 Guangzhou; Guangdong; China
Monocots Campylandra Guangdong province Nanling National Nature Reserve Rohdea brachyanthera


Rohdea brachyanthera, a new species from Nanling National Reserve of northern Guangdong, China, is described and illustrated. It is most similar to R. fargesii var. tsinlingensis in the perianth tube bearing an appendage at apex and the stamens are attached to it, but differs in the smooth inner surface of the perianth and stamens; the presence of six rib-like protrusions on the internal surface of the perianth tube; a ring-shaped, succulent appendage that is outwardly swollen and smooth on the surface and dilated triangular filaments that are united with the appendages at the base. Information on the habitat and phenology as well as notes on the taxonomic relationships with other congeners is also provided.



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