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Type: Article
Published: 2023-09-13
Page range: 171-179
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Two new endemic Begonia species named after historical landmarks of Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Center for Biodiversity Conservation; Restoration Ecology; & Environmental Concerns. Northwestern University Inc; Airport Avenue; Laoag City; Ilocos Norte; Philippines. Northwestern University Ecological Park & Botanic Gardens & the Herbarium of the Northwestern Luzon; Philippines; Gov. Elizabeth Keon Road Payas-Samac; San Nicolas; Ilocos Norte; Philippines
University of the Philippines Manila; Department of Biology; College of Arts and Sciences; Padre Faura; Manila; Philippines.
Herbarium of Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TAIF); Taiwan Forestry Research Institute; No. 53; Nan–Hai Road; Taipei 100; Taiwan.
Eudicots Biodiversity taxonomy endemism


Two new species of Begonia endemic to the Philippines are described from the province of Ilocos Sur, Northwestern Luzon: Begonia tiradpassensis (B. sect. Baryandra) from Tirad Pass, and Begonia bessangpassensis (B. sect. Petermannia) from the subsummit of Bessang Pass Natural Monument/Landmark. Based on IUCN Red List list criteria, B. tiradpassensis & B. bessangpassensis are provisionally assessed to be threatened, as they are confined to small populations with anthropogenic disturbance surrounding their distribution area. The discovery of these species highlights the conservation importance of two historical landmarks, Tirad Pass and Bessang Pass, which have left an indelible mark on Philippine history.



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