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Type: Article
Published: 2023-08-29
Page range: 253-264
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Two new species of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from Aurora Memorial National Park, Luzon Island, Philippines

Philippine Taxonomic Initiative; Inc.; Brgy. Margot; Angeles City; Pampanga; 2009 Philippines
Bicol University Graduate School, Legazpi City, Albay, Bicol Region, 4503 Philippines
Philippine Taxonomic Initiative; Inc.; Brgy. Margot; Angeles City; Pampanga; 2009 Philippines; Institute of Biology; College of Science; University of the Philippines Diliman; Quezon City; 1101; Philippines
Bicol University Graduate School; Legazpi City; Albay; Bicol Region; 4503 Philippines
Philippine Taxonomic Initiative; Inc.; Brgy. Margot; Angeles City; Pampanga; 2009 Philippines; Institute of Biology; College of Science; University of the Philippines Diliman; Quezon City; 1101; Philippines
Institute for Environmental Conservation and Research; Ateneo de Naga University; Ateneo Ave; Naga; 4400 Camarines Sur; Philippines
Philippine National Herbarium; Botany and National Herbarium Division; National Museum of Natural History; T.M. Kalaw St.; Street; Ermita Manila 1000; Philippines
Botanical Research Institute of Texas; 1700 University Drive; Fort Worth; Texas 76107; USA
Philippine Taxonomic Initiative; Inc.; Brgy. Margot; Angeles City; Pampanga; 2009 Philippines
Eudicots Begonia droseroides Begonia ramosii biodiversity conservation new species Sierra Madre Mountain Range taxonomy


Begonia masilig and Begonia akaw, both endemic to Aurora Memorial National Park, Luzon, Philippines, are described as species new to science. Begonia masilig is similar to B. droseroides in its rhizomatous habit and glandular trichomes on the inflorescence, but differs in lamina shape and overall size, and the vestiture of stipule, lamina margin, and outer tepals of staminate flowers. Begonia akaw is similar to B. ramosii in its short erect habit, ovate lamina and congested terminal inflorescence with 2-tepaled staminate flowers, but differs in inflorescence size and arrangement, and bract and ovary shape. Both new species are here proposed to be Endangered (EN) as per IUCN criteria.


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