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Type: Article
Published: 2023-06-21
Page range: 84-94
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Establishing the true identity of Passiflora nephrodes (Passifloraceae), resulting in Passiflora rosacea, a new species from Santa Cruz, Bolivia

School of Environment, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
The Chiquitano Forest Conservation Foundation, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Endemism La Paz Passiflora ser. Menispermifolia species complex Eudicots


The identity of Passiflora nephrodes, a species of Passiflora subg. Passiflora ser. Menispermifoliae, has been re-evaluated and the true species is here illustrated. This name has been long associated to cultivated material widely found in Europe, however recent collections made in Bolivia revealed that this name does not correspond to P. nephrodes as to type. Recent collections in Bolivia have shown that this plant does not correspond with the original source material for P. nephrodes. Endemic accessions, both from field collections and herbarium specimens of true P. nephrodes and plants commonly found in cultivation under this name have been closely examined and compared to the original literature and their respective type-materials. The cultivated plant, now found to be originating from the department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, relates to a new species which is here described as Passiflora rosacea. New populations of true P. nephrodes have been found in the department of La Paz, Bolivia, and the original description for this species has been further improved based on those recent collections. The taxonomy, ecology, and conservation for both species is discussed.


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