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Type: Correspondence
Published: 2021-05-21
Page range: 107–110
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Gastrodia longiflora (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae: Gastrodieae), a new mycoheterotrophic species from Ishigaki Island, Ryukyu Islands, Japan

Department of Biology, Graduate School of Science, Kobe University, 1-1 Rokkodai, Nada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 657-8501, Japan
Monocots Orchidaceae Epidendroideae Gastrodieae


Gastrodia Brown (1810: 330; Gastrodieae, Epidendroideae) is a mycoheterotrophic orchid genus distributed in temperate and tropical regions of Asia, Oceania, Madagascar, and Africa (Cribb et al. 2010, Hsu & Kuo 2010, Suetsugu et al. 2018). It is characterized by fleshy tubers, absence of normal leaves, united sepals and petals and two mealy pollinia without caudicles (Cribb et al. 2010, Hsu & Kuo 2010, Hsu et al. 2012, Suetsugu et al. 2018).