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Type: Article
Published: 2020-11-10
Page range: 47–53
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Taxonomic studies of Araceae in Myanmar I: Typhonium sagaingense, a new Areae species from Sagaing Region

International College, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, People’s Republic of China Center for Integrative Conservation, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mengla 666303, Yunnan, P.R. China
Department of Botany, Monywa University, Monywa, 02301, Myanmar
Laboratory of Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, 53706, USA. Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, 53706, USA.
Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR)-Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, A11-18 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam (VAST) Graduate University of Science and Technology- Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam (VAST)
Monocots Aroideae Biodiversity Plant taxonomy Southeast Asian Flora Tropical botany


A species new to science, Typhonium sagaingense from Sagaing Region, Myanmar, is herein described and illustrated. It is similar to T. albidinervum and T. filiforme but differs in having following characters: trifoliolate leaves, spadix slightly shorter than spathe, fewer yellow staminodes arranged in one whorl and pink appendix. Detailed descriptions, colour plates, illustration, distribution, phenology and ecology of the new species are provided, including a key to all Typhonium occurring in Myanmar.


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