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Type: Article
Published: 2020-04-20
Page range: 276–286
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A new species of Capparidastrum (Capparaceae Juss.) from the Cauca inter Andean valley of Colombia

Grupo Evolución y Sistemática tropical, Departamento de Biología y Química, Universidad de Sucre, Carrera 28 No. 5-267, Barrio Puerta Roja. Sincelejo – Colombia
Herbario UPTC, Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, Grupo Sistemática Biológica, Avenida Central del Norte 39-115 Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia
Andes Antioquia Dagua endemic Neotropic Pulviniglans Eudicots


We describe and illustrate a new species of Capparidastrum subgen. Pulviniglans (Capparaceae). Capparidastrum dugandii occurs in tropical dry forest fragments of the Colombian inter-Andean valley of the Dagua River, near the municipality of Santa Fe de Antioquia. Capparidastrum dugandii is distinguished from other species of subgen. Pulviniglans molecularly and by the lowest number of stamens (18–20). In addition, the species is endemic to the Cauca biogeographic province.