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Type: Article
Published: 2018-10-10
Page range: 104–110
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Blakea echinata (Melastomataceae: Blakeeae): a new species from the Caribbean rainforest of Panama

California Academy of Sciences, Institute for Biodiversity Science and Sustainability, Department of Botany, 55 Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California 94118, USA
Department of Biology and Marine Biology, University of North Carolina Wilmington, 601 S. College Rd., Wilmington, North Carolina 28403, USA
Blakeeae conservation epiphyte neotropics new species Panama Eudicots


Blakea echinata from the lowland Caribbean rainforest of Panama is described, illustrated, mapped, and compared with superficially similar species. It is readily distinguished by its elongate internodes; indumentum of spreading smooth (sometimes gland-tipped) trichomes on distal branchlets, leaves, floral bracts, and calyx lobes intermixed with laterally compressed and somewhat roughened conic to clavate or ± triangular trichomes on distal branchlets, floral peduncles, and abaxial surfaces of floral bracts; rhombic reflexed basally clawed petals; yellow-orange unappendaged anthers; and ovary apex that is elaborated into a distally glandular-laciniate collar 5–6 mm long that envelops the style base. A conservation assessment of Critically Endangered is recommended for this species based on IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria.